The future is Digital. While the Metaverse was a buzzword that dominated headlines in 2022, the fully immersive virtual world is still being developed. What we have now are the building blocks – 3D Design – but we don’t need to wait for the future to reap the benefits of these innovative technologies. For fashion, 3D Design is an immensely valuable tool for creative professionals and business owners. The high cost of raw materials and production of samples means that brands have to constantly decide whether to prioritize saleable merchandise or innovation. With Clo3D, designers can fully flesh out ALL of their ideas with photo realistic 3D renderings that can be sent to store buyers to get immediate feedback, and once orders are placed, those same images can then be uploaded to e-commerce sites with the potential for virtual try-on. In this emerging business model, the development cost is drastically reduced to just the software and the 3D Designer’s salary. On the back-end, designers can also modify avatars to mirror the proportions of their real-life fit models and can achieve a more accurate first fit with accompanying paper patterns. It is a new and more efficient way of working that saves time, money, resources, and can actually help fashion brands reach some of their sustainability goals.

The images above were all created using Clo3D, Daz3D & Adobe Photoshop